5 Steps to Receiving Intuitive Guidance

1. Clearing

Begin by clearing away anything that would limit or interfere with your ability to receive intuitive guidance. Most of us need to clear and empty our minds and heads to open up our intuition.

There are hundreds of tools and techniques for clearing yourself energetically. Find ones that work for you. You are wanting to clear away any doubts about receiving reliable, usable, doable, assistance, guidance and support.  Expect to get clear, accurate results. Empty yourself of anything and everything in the way for instance your need for it to come in a certain way.

2. Alignment

Next we go to the highest source – Divine alignment. This is a fairly simple action. All that is needed is to intend to align with Truth and the source of the information you are seeking.

3. Intention

Clear intention is the springboard of co-creation. It allows our personality and our soul aspects to come into a unified and blended state of purpose. Setting intention is the act by which we clarify and consciously put forth our purpose.

Why are you seeking contact in this moment? To answer a question, to solve a problem, receive greater strength? To serve another? Be specific about what, where, when, and why.

What specifically are you seeking information about? What do you want to know? What do you need help resolving? What is it that you seek to understand? The more clear and specific your request, the better. Vague intentions generate vague results.

4. Stay in Your Body and Call It To You

The next step is to remain present to receive. Most people go up and out of their bodies when they seek intuitive guidance or spiritual direction, as if they have to go get it from some so-called higher dimension. Stay in your body and call it to you. Remain present and awake in your physical form, and call the information to you.

You may first receive your strongest connections or impressions in the physical or emotional bodies, giving you sensations, feelings and body experiences. Don’t discount this. It is contact, pure and simple.

 5. Invocation

The final step is invocation. Your invocation is the direct call to the source of the information you are seeking. This is the specific call to assistance or the who. If you are wanting a conversation with God, a dialogue with your spiritual teacher or to understand what is going on with your horse’s leg, you are calling on that source.

To whom are you asking/making your request? If you know specifically what you need, call on the one that specializes in that area. Call on them by name or by area of specialty – for example you could ask for the “timekeeper” to help you manage time, or a relationship specialist, or if you work with a particular Master. Call the one who can best help with the specific request you have.

Please remember: intuition is an art, not a science. You will get better with practice. You’ll learn your own inner language – and that inner language is unique to you. It is commonplace for people to think “this always means that…” – but that is not the case. There is no single, common vocabulary or dictionary for intuitive input. Each individual has their own inner vocabulary and picture dictionary. Your inner dimensions and ways of receiving and perceiving are unique to you.