Jacquelyne Ellis—Professional Intuitive

Hello – and welcome to the website. I’m glad you’re here. Here’s a little bit about me…

I am a full time professional intuitive and animal communicator. I serve as a consultant and spiritual coach. You could see me as a liaison between the physical and non-physical realms. Over the past 28 years I have recorded nearly 26,000 sessions. Nearly all of my clients find me by word of mouth referral.

I live in the woods and hills of northern Idaho with my husband Aron and our beloved rat terrier canine kid. I do most of my intuitive readings by phone.

As a child I was frequently told that I had an over-active imagination. I was aware that I lived in a different world than most everyone around me. Naturally, I had invisible friends. And I had lengthy conversations with many of them. I saw “ghosts” and other beings that were not exactly physical. I often heard them speaking to me.

When my parents introduced me to their adult friends, I often wondered why they didn’t also introduce me to the other people that I saw next to them. Over time it became clear to me that many of the people I saw and interacted with didn’t live in the “regular world” – that is, the physical plane. So I have been clairaudient and clairvoyant all of my life and had the energetic sensitivity to interact multi-dimensionally in this way, between the worlds.

This kind of energetic sensitivity can be confusing and lead one to isolating from others. Being a highly sensitive person myself I learned to shut out and to deny my sensitivity. But, I have learned a lot about energetic sensitivity working with clients over the years. I’ve noticed that the majority of people who come to me are extremely sensitive people. Like me, they have a high degree of physical or emotional sensitivity.

This can be very difficult to manage and live with. Yet the challenges of high sensitivity come with the potential of intuitive receptivity. One of my passions is helping other sensitive people learn how to effectively manage the challenges of their sensitivity while discovering the gifts and benefits as well.

I did not seek out this work. It is a form of service that came to me and naturally comes through me. I have learned to surrender to it in order to serve others. I feel honored to be able to have this as my life path. I have maintained a full-time private practice in the healing arts since 1987.

I love to teach – and I especially love teaching classes that help people develop and refine their intuition. I help the folks I work with learn to trust their own inner wisdom, to receive personal guidance, and to feel tangible spiritual support in their daily lives. I feel very honored to do this work.