Animal Communication

Rusty-and-Jacque250pxI have been doing animal communication for 28 years now. It started out of sheer necessity (see below), and over the years it has grown into a deeply treasured part of my ministry. I love looking at the various relationships in the household – one animal with other animals as well as the relationships between animals and humans. Questions regarding illness, end of life issues, behaviors, and moving are pretty common topics, and are all quite appropriate. Click here to schedule a reading.

(Please note: I do not look for lost pets. Why? Because I often get things from the animal’s point of view – and knowing that I’m under the porch of the yellow house by the fence may not be particularly useful for you.)

I also teach an Animal Communication workshop. If you are interested in attending or hosting an animal communication workshop, please contact me.

Jacque’s Animal Communication Stories:

SilkySilky – This story took place years ago. I had two rat terriers, Silky and Sparky. My friend had two as well. My friend and I were taking a class to learn a bit about communicating with animals. Silky was 5-months old when she arrived in our home, the fourth one for her! She was running off, not coming when called, eating several shoes (one from each pair!), destroying pillows. Silky had become a defiant problem child.

One day, after coming in from a long “potty outside,” she looked me right in the eye and peed on the floor right in front of me! Now I loved this girl, but I was really NOT liking her very much. A few days later my friend and I came home from class to discover that the sofa cushions were completely destroyed. Although there were four dogs in the room, everyone knew only one of them would do such a thing – Silky!

I lost it. I admit that I just became completely emotional and reactive. It was not a pretty sight. Although I would never act violently with my dogs, Sparky actually hid from my yelling. In that moment I vowed that I would have a serious talk with Silky the next day in class.

So the next day came, and off to class we went. (Only people went to the classes – not animals. We were learning to do animal communication from a distance.) During one of the telepathic exercises I told Silky that although I loved her, it was obvious that she did not want to stay with us because she was clearly unwilling to live by house rules or cooperate enough to live within the family. I said that I would do my best to find her a farm where she could be outside. I was amazed with what happened next…

Boom! Silky came in loud and clear. She confronted me, saying that she had been testing my love. (This was understandable, considering that she’d had five homes in five months.) She said I had been keeping score since she arrived, noting every misdeed. And I had been – she was right. She went on to say that she had been testing me the only way she knew how: “Will you love me if I do this?” And she saw that my outpouring of love was there, in spite of her behavior. She said she did want to stay with us, and asked if we could start over. Would I be willing to wipe the slate clean and start over with her?


Six hours later, we returned from class and there was no mess of any kind. From that day on, Silky has been the most cooperative and perfect housemate. She has not only been completely free of behavior problems, but she has become the easiest doggie to live with!

Andy – This story began in the Winter of 2003. We brought home a tiny 8-week-old puppy, another rat terrier to add to our pack. We named him Andy.

He was so small that we were concerned that we’d step on him or accidentally kick him. So, we put a bell on a collar around his neck. Being a busy puppy, he was bouncing and running all over… ding-ding-dinging everywhere he went.

Jac_&_Sam_crop_180Our extended pack arrived for a two-week visit. This includes “Sam” who was 11 years old at the time, and he has very large upright ears… the better to hear that bouncing bell with. We were all trying to persuade Sam to be tolerant, maybe to even like Andy, but Sam would have no part of it. He seemed to hate Andy!

For five days, Sam shuned Andy. He even walked out of the room whenever Andy tried to engage him. He was clearly cranky and impatient with Andy. Finally (on day five), I was in my office and Sam walked in. He telepathically asked me (very pointedly), “Is he always going to sound like that?”

Da-ding!!! That bell had annoying us, so can you imagine what it must sound like to Sam, with those sensitive ears? Well, that bell came off, and within hours Sam was letting Andy get close to him. He even let Andy take a nap next to him. It totally healed their relationship.

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