Ayla’s Next Suit

People often ask me if humans ever come back as animals. I have never seen that happen, but I am not saying it’s impossible. People also ask if animals reincarnate as humans. Again, I can’t say if that does or does not happen – but I have never seen it in any of the thousands of readings I have done. What I can say is that most of us, humans and animals alike, will return to form again after the use of the bodies we are currently in. Reincarnation is real – and it has a purpose.

Most of us will have an assignment that brings us back. It might be karma, as in opportunities to learn and grow, or perhaps a service we are asked to provide. There is Divine Will, Destiny, Fate, or whatever you call it – an overall plan that includes certain experiences, specific learning, and exacting details. There is also Free Will, those things individual souls get to choose.

For instance, I might absolutely need to learn tolerance and acceptance of something. That is going to be a challenge for me again and again, till I learn it. There might even be an assignment to play out my life experience with someone else I often play with, a soul mate we call them. They may join me in working through my essential learning. But other details, like gender, my parents, or where I grow up, could be picked by me as Free Will. This is true for humans and animals alike.

To give you a sense of this, here is a snapshot from a reading I did recently…

Cat and Dog pic for Ayla's New Suit

Ayla is getting ready to return to body. She has been gone from the physical for two years now. She has an assignment to return, and she is free to choose what “suit” she wants to come in to. Ayla has been a cat, both wild and domestic, hundreds of times. She has also been a bird a few times, and it looked like she even had a lifetime as a sheep. With that backdrop, Ayla made it exceedingly clear that of all her incarnations thus far, cat is the superior animal. And she’s held some long-standing opinions about dogs. She saw them as people pleasers and subservient beggars, generally stupid and inferior beings.

However, in the afterlife, Ayla has had an unexpected development. In addition to her many cat friends, Ayla has also made friends with Charlie – a dog!

Ayla and Charlie have been hanging out together for more than a year now. She continues to be impressed by the fact that he is smart and interesting, even though he’s a dog. She told me that Charlie knows things and can figure things out, like she can. Sometimes he’s clever enough that she would almost think he’s a cat. She was very quick to tell me, with happy surprise, that “not all dogs are stupid.”

This was such a revelation for her that she kept repeating it, the exact same words, over and over… It was so funny. Her mom (who called me – and is still missing her greatly) and I just kept laughing and laughing. It was such a great moment. Ayla made it very clear that she still feels quite connected to her person, and is looking to her with the expectation of returning to her within the next couple of years. That was such welcome news… it came in like a wave of pure joy and happiness.

Now the only question is what suit Ayla will wear in her next incarnation… will she be a cat, or an unusually smart dog?