Marty and Robert

Marty was a German Shepherd mix. Robert first consulted with me when he rescued Marty. At the time, Marty was only two – and he was seriously injured from being hit by a car. Marty belonged to a couple who didn’t expect him to survive the injuries, and they thought even if he did he wouldn’t be much of a dog. So they decided to put him down.

Robert had a friend who worked at the vet hospital where Marty was taken. The moment he heard about Marty, “It was urgent I had to go get him – like he was part of my bones.” Now Robert had numerous dogs over his lifetime, but he’d never felt this before. Just hearing Marty’s story made Robert’s heart race, and – sight unseen – he announced he was adopting Marty. He told his friend to tell the doctor to do whatever they had to, and he would cover all costs.

Shortly after that rather impulsive move, Robert called me. He said it was weird for him to feel so strongly that he had to “save my dog” when they had not even met yet. But when he brought Marty home, the feeling was as if they had always been together. Within just a few days, Marty settled in to Robert’s home and life. He greeted Robert’s adult children and friends like they were his own people. There was no break in period or getting acquainted phase. These two were a perfect fit together.

Robert noticed that he would just think a thought, and Marty would look at him and be ready to take the appropriate action. He said the weirdest thing of all was that he often felt they were participating in one another’s dreams. At the time they had only been together for six or seven weeks. Wow, these two were connected!

Over the years, Robert consulted with me about many topics – always with Marty by his side. The two of them hiked over 1,000 miles and visited every National Park. They slept under the stars together. Marty saw Robert through a heart attack, a serious car accident that required nine months of recovery, and a long and nasty divorce. They went through a lot together.

Their relationship continued to grow, and by the end of Marty’s life Robert felt clueless as to how to go on without him. Robert called me when Marty was passing. He said all of his friends were gone, as was his family. He and Marty were it.

We spoke of the certainty that he and Marty would be together again. That was obvious – and it gave Robert comfort. Marty knew it as well, and in that reading he told Robert he would come and escort him when it was Robert’s time. Again, a very comforting thought.

Marty died a few days after that conversation. I heard later that Robert followed about twenty days later.

I have no doubt that Marty kept his promise, and came to meet and walk with Robert through his passage. It makes me smile to think of the two of them hiking up a trail, looking for what’s next.