Business Consulting

I have been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for many years, addressing a wide variety of issues.

By intuitively “getting into” your business I can give you the broad view when looking at long range forecasting or a more narrow view looking at certain details I call this my inside track view. I am adept at assisting with hiring questions and personnel changes. I am especially able to help you to know how best to handle anything having to do with the communication or interaction between you and others on your team or in your organization.

I provide a perspective that gives business owners and entrepreneurs an immensely practical and strategically sound advantage. Corporate, non-profit and small business owners call me to help with a wide array of requests I facilitate individuals and companies with:

1. Staffing Decisions – identifying the strengths, talents, and weaknesses of job applicants. I can “read” between the lines of a resume or interview.
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The Best Applicant on Paper

Kim was trying to hire a full time sales rep for her company. She had four applicants that all seemed well qualified. She was considering one young man in particular. Trevor was ambitious and creative. He had interviewed well too. It was between him and two others but Kim was leaning towards Trevor.

I tuned in to each candidate. Margret was older but very detail oriented and could stay focused but was very slow in her speech and was I could tell, too careful. She would be afraid to do anything not told to do so by Kim. She would never initiate anything on her own and would require a lot of direction. Her youngest applicant Connie lacked experience but was eager and trainable. Bob the older guy had been out of sales for a number of years but was coming back into it after having closed up his own company the year before.

Trevor had finished a degree in business and marketing and was sharp. He had experience and Kim admitted he was really cute and very charming. She thought her female clients especially would like him. I could see what Kim saw in Trevor. His resume was good. What was odd to me though when I tuned into Trevor was that he seemed “squirrelly” to me, very busy and darting about. He kept avoiding me as I tried to “scan” for his appropriateness as an employee for my client.

I could also feel that Trevor had moved around a lot. Yes he had a lot of experience but had an unusual number of jobs for someone so young. And Trevor had a habit of flirting with women he thought he would be flattered by it. People he could not flatter or seduce he tended to avoid with the busy squirrelly energy. Kim told me that in the interview both she and another woman were very taken with him. But her male manager and even Kim’s own mother who met him briefly felt irritated and annoyed with him.

I felt certain that Trevor would not like me either because he was so squirrelly with me. I felt like I was on to him. I did suggest to Kim to not hire him. I further advised that regardless of his paper work and charming style there was something off about him, something even a little creepy.

What Kim really needed for her energetic young company was Connie. She could get her at a great price, train her just the way she wanted and it would work. When we hung up she had narrowed it down to Conner and Trevor but was unsure.

A week later Kim discovered that Trevor had been fired on his last two jobs due to inappropriate sexual conduct. And he was in a law suit with a former female boss for what he claimed was sexual harassment. This cutesy, flirty manner was all part of his act. During my next intuitive reading with Kim she told me that Connie was working out very well instead of Trevor. Often critically important things like that do not show up on paper.

2. Staff and Team Development – identifying the strengths and talents of individuals involved in an organization, and also the weaknesses or inappropriate attributes of team members. I can easily see where conflict between co-workers or departments are and whether solutions can be found or not.
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Staff and Team Development: Strengths and Weaknesses

Meir consulted with me in September of 2010 He owned a company with 60 employees. He had three good sales people and wanted one as a sales manager, either Charlie, Charlotte or Anna. He wanted me to help him decide which was the best pick.

“I told him, “All I need is a first name.”

Sometimes I see cartoons to illustrate something. Here I kept seeing porcupines to describe Charlie. Every time I put him next to anyone they got barbs in their skin from him. Charlie was a great project manager but he was not a people person. He was impatient and could be abrupt and coarse with others.

The second candidate Charlotte had been a sales manager of a large team but that was over twelve years ago. Now she was in human resources at his firm and really liked it. Charlotte looked to me like a cartoon character who was leaking all her air out when I moved her to sales manager. And the vacancy she left in human resources looked like a black hole. She was much more valuable to Meir in human resources than as sales manager.

Anna was a 47 year old with loads of experience and energy. The clients loved her and she was a perfect representative for Meir’s business. Though she could do the job of sales manager it was obvious to me that putting her in that position would tie her to the office, eliminating her outreach with potential clients and severely limiting her ability to service existing customers.

So I had quickly disqualified all three of Meir’s choices. He was not pleased. He was adamant that he wanted to hire from within his staff. He did not want to hire a stranger. I felt strongly in my body that his best choice was in house. In fact I felt my physical body scream “no problem. We do not need to put an ad in the paper or on line. They are here! I heard it several times in my inner ear loud and clear.

“The sales manager is already in house. “

Again, I told Meir “Just give me the first names of your next best candidates.”
Reluctantly Meir gave me two names. Frank a 60 year old entrepreneur had successfully run two different businesses of his own but had recently joined Meir’s team to reduce his own stress and workload. He was an independent thinker and a good team player. I kept seeing Frank as the baseball coach doing his best to keep his players in the game and cheering them on.

John was a go-getter and looked good on paper, but he was only 25 years old. It felt to me that his co-workers would not accept him as their boss easily because they were senior to him. But more importantly I kept getting images and feelings of a pompous king. The cartoon associated with John was a little bitty guy literally riding around on his high horse. Even though Meir had known John since he was a teenager, he had never seen in John what I described. The image and feeling would not leave me though. I was certain that the position would cause John to become ego driven and that he would not be a good manager. I told Meir that I was recommending Frank but he chose John.

Within twelve weeks Frank had given notice and Anna’s sales were way down. Meir called me in a panic. I did not want to say I told you so but as soon as I said hello to Meir, I saw what looked like a merry-go-round with tall, long legged horses. And there was John on the tallest one with a colorful hat on and a tall staff denoting his importance. No one else was allowed to be on this merry-go-round.

When John was fired he made a very public and angry scene attacking everyone. Now Meir saw a nasty side of John he had never seen before. Frank accepted the offer and though they needed a new sales rep now, at least there was harmony in the company.

Meir was very upset, thinking he had lost Frank since he had resigned. But what was very obvious to me that Frank did not want to leave he just could not and would not work with John. I suggested that Meir fire John and offer Frank the job.
He agreed. Last I knew the company was humming along and everyone was happy.

Some things are not evident. Personal relationship can cloud judgment. Sometimes a business requires the perspective of an intuitive to go beyond resumes and appearances.

3. Resource Management – finding waste, including time and money. Identifying the best use of human and other resources.
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Resource Management

Nyla called me in 2007 because her interior design company needed expansion. She was about to run out of room in her current rental space and was looking to buy a building. First she wanted to know if buying was a good idea. When I looked at it I saw visual images of leakage and hemorrhage if she continued to rent. Buying gave me a feeling in my body of being rooted, grounded, stable with pictures of roots and a solid foundation. So, “Yes definitely buy.” She had two buildings for me to consider.

One was larger than what she was likely to need in the next ten years. It had two stories and the top floor was full of junk. The seller said she would have to remove it herself. It had been an unkempt warehouse for ten years, but it was a very good buy. The other building was upscale, beautiful and move-in ready. The price was $22,000 more than the two story building, but would work well for her company’s need for at least the next two to three years. Looking at it intuitively I got a yes ok on the upscale, move-in ready space.

But I heard a loud Yes! on the other building.

I could see that there was income to be expected, but not directly because of her design business. I saw odd images of Easter egg hunts and treasure hunts. I could see and hear Nyla happily picking up unexpected goodies. I didn’t fully understand all this but it was clear to me that Nyla would be happier in the long run in the larger less expensive space.

Nine months later Nyla called me, just blown away. She bought the two story building and cleaned out the top floor. That’s where the treasure was. She discovered beautiful antique faucets, several large pieces of marble and hundreds of pieces of art glass that had been left as debris by the seller. No one would have guessed that such valuable items would be found in that junk pile. All of these finds she could use in her design business. It had cost her $27,000 to remove the junk but she profited over $112,000 in free inventory.

And after this a respected custom furniture company offered to rent half of her upstairs space. The owner of that business was so inspired by Nyla’s designs he suggested they collaborate on some projects further increasing her exposure.

Miracles and blessings followed but Nyla had to be willing to take a risk. Often both knowledge and intuition are needed to make business decisions profitable.

4.   Protective Strategies – identifying threats to success such as sabotage or destructive division among people.
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Protective Strategies

Hilary and her best friend Michael met Mark at an investors group. The three started a new business venture together. Mark was the financial backer having put up $300,000 to start the company for 1/3 ownership and 50% of the first two years profits. Michael was the marketing wiz and Hilary was the CEO and in charge of everything else.

The contract with Mark seemed fair. Yet when Hilary consulted with me she said she was feeling anxious all the time. In just their first six months the company was already way past their projected goals. Mark was supposed to be a silent partner but he was anything but. Hilary said Mark was putting tons of pressure on Michael to produce more and more. And he was dismissing most of her ideas. Mark also constantly reminded them of his financial input and saying they would not have a business without him.

Was Hilary being overly dramatic or were her concerns valid. Hilary and Michael’s dream of having a business together they could enjoy was not happening in spite of great productivity and profitability.

During my reading with Hilary I kept seeing sharks and crocodiles. Big wide mouths, small beady eyes and snapping jaws doing lots of harm.

I felt strongly that she and Michael were going to be devoured.

Hilary and Michael had some savings of about $80,000. Hilary’s sister was willing to loan them $50,000. It would provide just enough operating expenses for the first year, if they could get Mark out. Her lawyer told her it would cost at least $100,000 to break the contract with him.

I could not see anything good coming out of continued relations with Mark.
What I kept seeing was that Mark needed to choose to leave. And he needed to think it was his idea.

I advised Hilary and Michael to pull back for awhile, stop pushing so hard to grow the business. I said they might have to lose it to gain it. I suggested something absurd to Michael – knock his sales efforts way back. That was not in his nature and he resisted my suggestions ferociously.

Ten weeks later and Hilary called me again saying Michael was feeling burned out. He felt like he was not working for himself but for a tyrant. At that point he agreed to follow my suggestion.

Soon Mark began to criticize and demand more of Michael, threatening to withdraw all of his money. This actually made it easier for Michael to lose his enthusiasm to grow the business.

Within three months Mark was fed up with both of them and withdrew the last of his $210,000. Once he was out and had dissolved the contract, Hilary and Michael were free to begin again. They got busy. It took them three times longer to get to their projected goal but they did it without being eaten.

Mark is now a believer in the intuitive arts. He recommended his brother call me for a consultation when he was about to start a new company.

5.  Timing Questions – identifying the best timing for new business ventures.
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Timing Can be So Important

Bonnie and Jake consulted with me four different times about expanding their company. They needed a larger building space and prices were rising in their area. The building they were in had more space available and the owner was pressuring them to invest. The landlord was demanding $50,000 for upfront remodeling costs. This was a big decision for them.

I told Bonnie and Jake that I keep hearing “Wait.” And I saw a big
stop sign clearly telling them “No – Not now”.

I saw an image of rough seas and that stop sign over and over. Very clear energetic NO. I suggested a different building because I could see a building that looked quite different than the one they were in. The new building I was seeing had an internal court yard and a lit parking place which theirs did not.

Jake felt he had to take action really soon and was anxious to put what little money they had into their current building to double their space. This was becoming a stress and tension point between them. Bonnie had been my client for years and she trusted me. But her husband Jake could not imagine relying on an intuitive for what seemed to him to be nuts and bolts, physical business decision.

During the fourth intuitive reading I saw smoke and mirrors which frankly made no sense to any of us. Nevertheless I knew it meant things were not what they seemed to be and that they should wait. I asked Jake to just give it another couple of weeks. I heard “In 12 to 14 days something is going to show up that is not visible now. Something that is hidden will be seen and it will seem bad, but be in your favor”

Twelve days later there was a fire in the building that was started by the building owner. He had over-insured the building with the intention of committing arson to get the insurance money. He had been pushing Jake and Bonnie to give him that $50,000 upfront. And it was clear to me he would have run off with it with if he could.

80% of the building was destroyed. Much of Bonnie and Jake’s supplies were damaged by smoke and water. On the middle floor of the building was a company that sold mirrors. The hidden source of ignition was there. Literally – smoke and mirrors.

Bonnie and Jake had to wait three months for the insurance claim but it provided the needed money to move into their new building, the one with the court yard and the lighted parking lot.

6. Partnership Questions — looking at the “history” between possible business partners, themes, karma… I can help you determine if the person or people you are considering will be fair and create success with you or work against you.
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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Mandy was considering working for her dad’s company. He had promised her a real opportunity for independence telling her that he had every intention of retiring and if she would give him four years. He promised to make her the CEO while he would just have a consulting position. She was to get 66% of the company at that time. Mandy admitted to me that all her inner alarms were going off. Her own intuition was warning her but she did not want to give it credence.

It seemed to be a “no brainer” decision because according to her dad, his company was making well over 17 million a year. Mandy loved her job as a website designer and knew she risked never getting back into the field if she quit it. But this was too good to pass up in spite of the fact that Mandy had not gotten along with her father for many years. When she called me, Mandy hoped that this was his way of finally taking her seriously. Perhaps this was his way making it up to her for totally disrespecting Mandy for the past ten years. And she was hoping I would confirm that. That was not at all what I got.

When I tuned in I could feel very strongly that dad was not telling her the truth.

It looked like he was afraid of something. I got an odd appearance like a noose around her his neck but I did not know what it meant. It seemed to indicate though that he was in trouble and somehow his daughter in a management position was a safety measure. I never did get the impression that he was planning to retire, not in four years or even in ten.

I told Mandy what I kept feeling was that she was a cover or front for something. It was weird to watch someone using another person as a shield or curtain hiding the real wizard. What I told her made no sense to Mandy, her desire to believe in her father was so strong that she accepted his offer.

Fast forward just ten months later, Mandy re-scheduled another reading. There was a big financial audit looming. Loads of tension was present among the employees who were afraid of losing their positions in the company. Her father knew he was about to get caught with whatever illegal things had been going on and shielded himself financially by using his daughter’s management position. Fortunately Mandy was innocent and was not prosecuted.

Obviously Mandy’s hopes of her father finally acknowledging her and supporting her were gone. Also vanished were her dreams of making big money. Her father was arrested. And after the IRS, lawyers and debt collectors, there was no money left. Most of the “company” only existed on paper. The 66% of a multimillion dollar enterprise was pure illusion.

The noose I saw around his neck was trouble with the law and the IRS closing in around him. Because intuition is an art not an exact science, all I could give Mandy was my distrust of dad and image of the noose around his neck. And Mandy made a choice in spite of her own intuition telling her not to. It’s as if her inner child, the little kid inside her, just could not hear the truth.

“I help individuals and partners unify their vision and utilize their resources for the greatest benefit..” – Jacquelyne Ellis