Choosing a Psychic or Intuitive Reader

How do I know if an intuitive reader is competent?

There are many things to consider when you are looking for an intuitive reader. First and foremost, you want someone you can connect with and who you feel is connecting with you.  There needs to be a resonance, and that would be something you would feel early on in the reading. Often resonance shows up as a comfort level in your physical body – you just relax into the experience easily, and other times it will be more of an emotional tone, something that clearly says “this is a match for me!” Trust yourself, and pay attention to your body’s signals as you are working with the reader.

Some people think that a good reading is one that tells them what they want to hear, one that makes them feel good. That’s not the way I work. I cannot guarantee you will hear what you want to hear, or that a session with me will make you feel happy. However, I am confident that you will feel validated, heard, and respected. I care more about you receiving the truth to the very best of my ability and that you receive compassion from me during our time together.

My intention in all the work I do is that my clients feel strengthened in themselves and their connection with the Divine, and that they grow in their own self-trust. You want to work with an intuitive who does not foster you developing a dependency on them. You want to avoid readers who put themselves above you or make themselves out to be specially gifted in a way you could never hope to be.

You definitely want to watch out for money scams – there are plenty of people out there who will charge you more and more for guidance or help.  If someone tells you that you must pay them more money to save you from something or to protect you from something, look out. Likewise, beware if someone says they can cause someone to fall in love with you, leave their spouse, or cause harm to someone else.

There should be a clear set price that you are aware of up front, with no hidden costs or surprises. Some professionals are willing and able to negotiate their fee and others are not. If you really cannot afford the advertised fee, ask about a discount.

A good reader will get information with little or no coaching from you.  A good reader is willing to acknowledge when an error or a loss of connection has occurred, and he or she is able to either re-establish the connection or state clearly that the connection is gone and the session is complete. In my experience it is quite rare that a connection cannot be established, but it has happened in about one or two percent of my cases; when this occurs I’ll know it and say it right away. Ninety-eight plus percent of the time the connection is strong and solid for the entire session.

Please remember, no one can “clear your karma” or “remove bad energies from you” without your conscious decision and participation. Beware of those who say that they can wave a pendulum over some charts and that will clear you. You may feel a momentary adjustment, but it won’t last. Real change requires your conscious awareness and permission; passive receptivity is not enough.