The MultiDimensional Universe

Those of you who have done private sessions and/or enrolled in the InnerDimensional Awareness online class will hear me talk about dimensions. I thought it would be useful to give you a bit more information so you can better understand what I am referring to.

There are many dimensions in our universe, many levels of densities and subtleties of energy and light. Our universe has rhythms, it moves in waves. It is not static, nor is it stacked one thing or place on top of another. Dimensions are fluid, they circle and cycle.

We could think of dimensions as worlds within worlds, or realms of consciousness and energy.

A straight line has one dimension, a sheet of paper has two dimensions (horizontal and vertical). If something has depth (thickness) then it is three dimensional. After the third dimension, things become a bit trickier to describe. It gets more and more impalpable.

Some think of the fourth dimension as the vibration of energy where we find nature sprites, fairies, and little people. We may also encounter non-physical humans, commonly referred to as ghosts. Often the fifth dimension is thought of as Unity consciousness, or Oneness. On and on it goes. There are at least thirteen dimensions that I know of, and likely many more.

As we grow in consciousness, we actually rise out of the separation and duality that is inherent in our language and in the way we generally speak about and perceive things. Approaching the inner dimensions from a sense of duality and polarity will have us seeing good and evil or light and dark forces, energies or beings.

When we apply this dualistic paradigm to ourselves we create our own personal duality, as we suppress and deny those parts of ourselves we deem to be unworthy or shameful. Developing a supportive relationship with the non-physical realms gets complicated when we are afraid of the bad guys out there. Our defenses are up. The message we put out is both “yes” and “no” simultaneously. It’s like attempting to drive a car while pressing on the gas petal and the brake at the same time.

In our universe all things are connected and interlinked. They are all coming from and returning to their creative Source.

But, the languages most commonly used by us here on Earth at this time are based in duality and separation, not in Unity. Our very languages reinforce our dualistic mindset. We constantly divide and separate with words like in or out, up or down, higher, lower, good or bad, dark or light. The dimensions of our cosmic Universe are not divided up like this.

You will often hear me referring to “InnerDimensional” and “InterDimensional” landscapes or realms. Here’s a brief glossary to give you a sense of what I am referring to.

Dimensions: realms, worlds, different “levels” of density of matter, varying degrees of concentrated energy, light and consciousness.

InnerDimensional: Our personal inner worlds of thoughts, perceptions, feelings, projections, receptivity, and intuitive awareness. Our inner life, inside, the subtle, vibrational, energetic, and etheric realm of the individual.*

InterDimensional: between worlds or realms in the big picture, universal cosmology that would include all of time and space as we know it and more than we as humans can perceive. It is between here and there, or this and that on a grand scale. It can also refer to the doorways, highways or ecotones between realms.

MultiDimensional: being in more than one dimension.

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