Doggie Radar Results in Reunion

My tale begins with Rex, a 4 year old Jack Russell terrier.

Rex is bored and lonely. His humans Brian and Tim were thinking of getting Rex a playmate, so they called me to ask about it. I could sense right away that Rex was very turned on about the idea of having a playmate. He did not care if the dog was male or female but did stipulate: “Not a puppy.” He wanted someone he could rough-house with. He showed me images of tug of war and racing through the house at top speeds.

Brian said he had just seen a dog listed at their local shelter. Her name was Molly and I was to ask Rex if she would be okay. I asked Tim and Brian to hold the image in their hearts and really send the look and feel of that dog to Rex. I sensed Rex checking it out… It was like he was looking at or sniffing in the air as they projected what little they knew from the ad of her in the paper. Then suddenly I got a burst from Rex, more of a shout really – “Yes! THAT dog.” and “Hurry up!” His heart raced with excitement. We laughed and assumed he was simply super eager to have a playmate. So as soon as we hung up the three of them were going to the shelter, an hour away.

First Follow up:

Brian and Tim call me a week later and sent me pictures of Molly, a sweet rambunctious 4 year Jack Russell old terrier that looked a lot like Rex. They also sent me lots of pictures of Rex and Molly racing through the house and sharing a dog bed. They told me that Molly was only in the shelter one day but had generated four inquires. So they were lucky to get her in time. Obviously, Molly and Rex took to each other immediately. When I asked Rex about Molly he said he was very glad to see her again, and was glad they got her before someone else did. He continued, “I never knew what happened to her.”

I was uncomfortable with this last bit of information because it did not make much sense. Brian and Tim had rescued Rex as a puppy when they lived in New York. Then they moved twice in four years, and were now in Oregon. They could not see how Rex and Molly could have known each other in this lifetime. I did see that Rex and Molly had known one another before, in a different time and place, so I assumed that Rex was referring to that past life . Rex informed me, “Yes we have been together before and more recently too, as puppies.” We decided to put aside this odd piece of unlikely information for now. Since Rex was so happy we decided to leave the mystery.

Next Follow up:

Two months later Tim and Brian call me again with some very interesting news. Brian had decided he wanted to contact the people connected to Molly’s microchip number because he kept feeling like her previous owners would want to know she was adopted and well loved. It was obvious that she had been well cared for and he felt compelled to contact them. The trail led to a woman in New York who had fostered a pregnant dog who birthed a litter of four females and one male puppy. All the puppies were adopted.

The last two puppies of the litter, a girl and the boy, were adopted at the same exact time. She remembered the couple who adopted the girl named her on the spot, and called her Molly. She said two guys adopted the boy. Brian said he got rushes and tingles when she said this, and knew he and Tim had been the “two guys” who adopted the boy now known as Rex. He remembered being in the woman’s apartment when another couple was there, and they had just chosen the last female. Indeed, Molly and Rex were siblings!

Molly’s person had relocated to Oregon but could not keep her, and as fate would have it she found her way to her brother! Rex must have psychically identified her somehow as his sister when Brain and Tim put their consciousness on Molly at the shelter. Why else would he say “Hurry up!” like she was the dog for sure they needed to go get. At first he had just said “Not a puppy.” Once Rex realized that Molly was just an hour away, he made it clear she was it when he shouted “THAT” dog. He identified her vibe right away.

When I tuned in to Molly she was very happy to be with Rex. She did not know she was coming here to this household, but she did always “know” that she and her brother would see each other again. This certainty had always been with her. And although Rex did not possess that knowing, when she was close to him physically, he zeroed in on her right away. It was so obvious that they remembered one another and are very glad to be reunited.

What a fun story!