Energetic Sensitivity

Most people are more energetically sensitive than they realize. This class will give you insight and understanding about some of the things that happen in your personal energy field, and in the larger energetic fields and flows we all live in.

For those of you who know you are highly sensitive – this class is a must! You will discover the profound gifts and strengths of your individual sensitivity – and you will gain tools and learn techniques for managing the challenges inherent in your sensitivity. You will also experience compassion for yourself and receive real support and validation for being the way you are.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ll cover:

  • The 4 Types of Energetic Sensitivity – an in-depth exploration of mental, emotional, physical and essence sensitivity
  • Navigating the Currents of Incoming Energies – for your own good, and for the benefit of others as well
  • What To Do When Subtle Energies Are Not So Subtle – managing the very real impacts of non-physical encounters
  • Projective and Receptive Energy States – essential for those who want to work with intentional living

This class will expand your awareness and give you very practical skills and tools that will help you make sense of energetic sensitivity.

While some come into their sensitivity due to some kind of trauma, most people with a high degree of energetic sensitivity are simply born that way. You can suppress or deny your sensitivity, but you cannot kill it. Nor is there any need to. Far better to learn about it, work with it, and turn it into the true gift it can be. If you have been thinking something’s wrong with you, or others have said “You are just too sensitive!” – this class is for you. It is a safe space to learn, to receive support, and to grow your capacity to be sensitive and be in the world.

It’s also perfect for those who are having an opening up of their inner senses. (You may be feeling more, seeing more, or simply knowing more…) If you are becoming more intuitive and more psychically receptive, great. This class can help make these energetic openings practical, useful and safe.

And finally, if you are not so sensitive but you live, work with, or love people who are highly sensitive – this class will give you a whole new appreciation and understanding of why your beloveds, your friends, or you colleagues behave the way they do.

I trust that all those who are drawn to this class will find considerable value from taking it. If now is the right time for you, great! Welcome…

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