Read this Before Your First Intuitive Reading

1. Information. Information comes to me in many ways. I may get pictures, metaphors, or symbols as answers to your questions. Or I may receive information as a flood of feelings. I may get a whole download of information as a story or to explain an understanding.

2.  I am not a fortune teller. I am happy to look at time-related issues. However, I can only do so by looking at the future through what I call “the present window”. There are many factors influencing the outcome of a situation, further compromising the accuracy of predictions. At times I have gotten sale dates and the like, right down to the day, but no promises here. I do not locate lost objects, animals, or people.

3. Your Role. During your session, the more you engage with me in conversation and ask questions, the more you can receive. This is a dialogue.

4. Self Responsibility. I am honored to serve and happy to help you gain clarity and to provide a bigger picture view point. I do not wish to become an outside authority in your life. I strongly encourage you to use the information given as a piece added to your decision making. Listen to yourself and feel what is right for you. Allow these sessions to enhance and empower your own insights and wisdom. Personal homework may be suggested for you to make this possible.

5. Voice Ministry. I serve as a voice for those who cannot speak directly for themselves, such as the severely disabled, stroke patients and newborns. I also communicate with those in the process of dying and those who have already crossed over.

6. Animal communication.  I would be delighted to be a voice for your animal companion as well, whether to solve a problem or just chat. We can discuss end of life questions, siblings… you name. Farm animals too not just those in the house with you.

7. Couples, Friends, and Lovers. I am happy to conduct joint sessions in which both parties are present. It is often a very dynamic board meeting! Everyone gets a much more accurate and comprehensive perspective about their situation than if each individual had a private session addressing the same issue.

8. Recordings. All intuitive readings are recorded unless you tell me not to. These are complimentary and mailed to you on disc or as a download. And even though I try my best to record them, sometimes technology fails. So, I recommend that you record on your end too or take notes. You might purchase an inexpensive digital voice recorder that can record with your speakerphone if you have one.