Starting Soon: InnerDimensional Awareness

Learn how you move your consciousness from one point to another, and how you can do so with more conscious intention.

InnerDimensional Awareness is not your typical online offering. It’s a 4-month “study-from-home” course. You’ll be guided through a series of lessons designed to awaken and refine your skills in the subtle realms – and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

You’ll have frequent contact with me online, plus you can connect with classmates for sharing and support if that appeals to you. I’ll meet with small groups of students for a coaching/support calls once a month.  Plus, students get a 15% discount on Private Sessions during the entire time that class is in session, just in case you want some extra individual support along the way.

There are also audio downloads so you can listen to each lesson (great for auditory learners) and if you want you can print PDF files for every lesson – a nice option for those who prefer reading print on paper more than text on a screen. There are no set class times: all of the lessons are delivered on-demand, so you can engage at your convenience. This class is designed to meet your needs and match your schedule‏. The rich content combined with individual coaching and mentoring adds up to a most remarkable, unique, and personal experience

Here’s how it works:

  • It’s a 4-month journey into the subtle art of moving attention and holding attention.
  • You’ll get a new lesson every other week (8 lessons total).
  • There are audio downloads so you can listen to your lessons anytime, anywhere.
  • I’ll be available for Personal Coaching and Mentoring.
  • You can connect with your classmates via the class forum and in group phone calls.
  • I’ll do phone calls once a month with small groups of students, so anyone who wants that extra support from me will have it. (Group phone calls are optional.)
  • Plus, students in this class get 15% Discount on Private Sessions during the four months class is in session.
  • It’s super convenient: there is no fixed schedule, so you can access the lessons whenever you want and work at your own pace.

Here’s why taking this class is worth your time:

  • You’ll cultivate and refine your inner awareness – and reap very practical rewards in your outer life.
  • You’ll learn to navigate the subtle realms – and gain direct access to higher guidance and support.
  • You’ll develop greater discernment – and hone essential skills for living a more satisfying, abundant life.
  • You’ll increase your understanding of yourself – and grow more compassion for yourself (and others).
  • You’ll have a direct experience of the unseen worlds – and get a better sense of your place in the big picture.
  • You’ll use what you learn to function more effectively every single day – in your family, at work, and out in the world at large.

Who is this class for?

  • It’s a great fit for anyone who has done some personal work
  • It’s a great fit for people who already consciously use their intuition
  • If you tend to get spread too thin or find yourself spinning in too many directions, this class will help.

The next InnerDimensional Awareness class is starting soon. If you’d like to join, please be sure we have your current email address so you will receive the email announcement when we open enrollment.