Intuitive Talks – Details

There are a few details I’d like you to be aware of before signing up for an Intuitive Talk.

These are Intimate Circles…

  • We are dealing with some very sensitive subjects. We come together and hold space for insight, understanding, and perhaps even healing.
  • Each talk is limited to no more than 6 participants. I will start out by relaying some info to you all, then we’ll go around the circle and I’ll do a mini-reading for each person, answering one or two questions.
  • Each talk will last about an hour. I would prefer if everyone stays present for the full time, as there is value in keeping the circle intact. And you never know what gem you may pick up by the very last person’s question.
  • With that being said, I do understand if you need to leave early; life happens. [Please know there are no refunds for early exits or no-shows.]

I am using Zoom, a web/video conferencing company, to facilitate these meetings. It’s a nicely designed platform – and pretty easy to use.

You can turn video on or off, as you wish.

  • If your video is on, you can see me and other participants who have their video on – and I can see you, and so can the other participants. This is my preference, as it allows us to establish a circle that includes visual connection – which is a strong input channel for most people.
  • I can appreciate that not everyone is comfortable being on camera. Upon entry, Zoom will ask if you want video of you on or off. Choose whichever you wish. And you can change your mind… with a simple click you can turn the video of you on or off, as you wish.

These talks are being recorded.

  • All participants will be sent a link to the complimentary downloadable copy of the recording after the event.
  • The audio track will include my opening comments, followed by the mini-readings. To protect your privacy, I will address each person by first name only (no last names). And you are welcome to use a nickname or some other made-up name if you prefer. The video track will be primarily of me, but could also include you if you opt to leave your video on.
  • I am creating a library of intuitive information on topics that I believe are of general interest. The library will include some of these Intuitive Talks – be it a recording in full, an excerpt/edited version thereof, or a transfer of content to other formats such as printed book, ebook, etc. This library is being created for the benefit of all. Story-sharing is powerful medicine… we learn from and with each other.


  • The price of these Intuitive Talks is significantly reduced (more than 50% off) compared to the price of a private reading with me. This is in appreciation for your agreement to be recorded, and possibly having part of that recording in the Intuitive Answers library.
  • Again, your privacy is important to me: you are always in control of your video setting, I will not use any last names or other identifying information about anyone, and you are free to use a nickname or made-up first name if you wish.
  • Your purchase of this event is your agreement to the above and permission/release to use any resulting recording of you.
  • If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to fill you in on this really happy and exciting project.

As soon as you register:

  • You will receive a confirmation email from me within a few minutes.
  • You will receive a second email from me within 24 hours – inviting you to a Zoom meeting for the date/topic you signed up for. Save that Zoom meeting invite – it’s important – it has the information you need to login. [If you have not used Zoom before, they have a quick-start: How do I join a meeting?]
  • Please add this meeting to your personal/digital calendar, as I do NOT send out reminders.

On the day of your Intuitive Talk, please be aware that…

  • I start on time. Please login 5-10 minutes early so you can get the connection set and be ready to start on time with me. (If you have not used Zoom before, you may want to review their documentation: How do I join a meeting?)
  • My readings tend to be rather direct and could seem blunt to some. I do not sugar-coat information. 
  • Again, the format is very simple: I’ll begin with a brief talk about the topic and then immediately turn it over to you, the participants – one at a time. Each of you will have a chance to give me a brief description of your current situation and ask one to two specific questions about that situation.  You also have an opportunity to listen in on other people’s questions related to your same issue, concern, or challenge – and learn from how their questions are answered.
  • One final note: I request that all of the mini-readings be about the topic being addressed during the talk. This is not a time to ask random, off-topic questions. If you are in need of an individual Private Reading, please schedule a time for yourself using my online scheduling system. Thank you.


I’m very much looking forward to joining you in an upcoming Intuitive Talk,


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