Jacque has been doing Private Sessions, Workshops, Mentoring and Online Classes with clients all over the world for over 25 years. The following is a random assortment of happy emails that folks have sent in.

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The gradual step by step exercises were very helpful.

Ed T., Houston, TX

I am so glad you spoke to our daughter Ann last week. She is sleeping better now, not so afraid of the dark. She is thinking of the blue lady as a friend and helper, and was glad you could see her too. She’s not screaming out in the night anymore. It’s been a big relief to all of us!

Roger and Tammy B., Oregon City, OR

I loved my session with you! I have listened to the cd three times now, and I’m still blown away! I swear I hear new information every time I listen to it. It really gives me inspiration and comfort.

Renee K., Bronx, NY

I had two different vets out to the barn here and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Mr. Thom (my horse) but when you described what he was feeling in his foot and how it was for him to stand on it, it gave us something to go on. We had some tests run and we finally have a diagnosis. Thank you for saving my boy! This is treatable, unlike what the vets were thinking. Sometimes ya just gotta go to the horses mouth!

Cindy R., San Rafael, CA

I am incredibly grateful for your insight and energy. I never imagined our session would be so life changing for me. I finally have some peace of mind, clarity, and validation. I cannot thank you enough for telling me things I needed to hear that have changed my perspective forever. I could feel your energy the moment you picked up the phone, you are indeed a special soul.

Alexis S., PA

We’ve taught and sponsored many classes and workshops… and I’ve found some people in this field to be spacey and ungrounded. Jacquelyne is grounded and practical, and at the same time highly intuitive and able to communicate with angels and beings on other planes. Her readings and workshops are excellent. I *highly* recommend Jacquelyne Ellis.

Edward S., Somers Point, NJ

I have never talked to anyone like you before. I don’t know how you do what you do - but there is no doubt that it really works. You gave me information about my son that made so much sense and really helped me understand him better. It was pretty “out there” - but it sure fits! Thanks for stretching me and helping me navigate the relationship with Jared.

Tony P., Somers Point, NJ

Thank you so much for talking with my husband Larry and helping us to say our goodbyes. Being away when he passed was so horribly painful for me. You gave us a chance to have closure and let me know he is all right in the afterlife. How can I thank you for that?

Margaret P., The Woodlands, Texas

Thank you so much for the reading you did for my father. He was so sad and lonely after mom died, and you gave him such peace and seemed to inspire him too. After he talked with you he started looking forward to what was next instead of being afraid. Dad died two days ago, and I know he was much more at peace. Thank You.

Barbara R., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Jacquelyne Ellis is a truly amazing spiritual coach. Her insights and clear channeling between the spirit world and our world is so accurate and pristine. She has been my spiritual advisor for the last five years. Her compassion, accuracy, and humanity have touched my life on the deepest of levels. She has coached me with various issues ranging from career decisions to family crises, and lately my brother's terminal cancer. I am very blessed to be on the receiving end of her wisdom and clarity. She is a true light worker.

Arisa H., Seattle, Washington

You provided insight, clear direction, and loving compassion during my time of crisis and chaos. Thank you for helping move beyond the panic zone, to a place of trust in myself and trust in God.

Melanie B., Augusta, Georgia

Thank you for talking with my little Ellie. She died two days ago and your talk helped me to let her go. I was glad she was able to tell you she didn’t want the surgery and didn’t want me to take out the loan for it like I was going to do. I would have gladly done it even for just a few more months, but hearing her say no and having her tell you what she was feeling was so important for me. You gave me peace and my Ellie rest.

Phyllis M., Fairfax, CA

Wow! I tell people, "If you want the ride of your life, call Jacque. But be prepared - the truth comes through!' I’ve been on this spiritual path since 1985 and I had never encountered someone who can access the spirit worlds as you can. I heard and read a lot about guides and angels, but I never dreamed I would have a personal relationship with them. But it happened after just a couple sessions, and my life has not been the same since. Many questions I had that weren’t answered in all the spiritual books I read are answered now. There is not a personal problem I've had (and I've had plenty!) that a clear solution didn't come through in talking with you. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Joe S., Ashland, Oregon

Before the workshop I believed that I had guides and angels, but now I know I have them! This was so much fun - and great learning at the same time. I enjoyed every second of it!

Sandrine v.D., Hilversum, the Netherlands

You’ve got the stuff! I was so impressed with your reading I called my friends and my brother right after I got off the phone. My friend Tammy said that what you said about her boss was so accurate it was freaky. And you so helped me let go of my ex. What a relief!

Bonnie T., Knoxville, TN

Jacque helped me so many times and on many levels.
She helped me when my first dog was old and ready to die. She helped me connect with her and understand what was going on. I was holding onto her (my Maltese) and I was not letting her die. Jacque helped me say goodbye and let her go to the other world in peace.
She helped me when my father was dying of lungs cancer. She connected with him many times. He was in France, I was in New York and when you are far, the process is even harder.
She also helped my mother after my father passed away to connect with him. Everything she said was so true. 6 years that he had passed away, and the things she said are still true or becoming true.
Jacque is an amazing communicator with the other world.

Isabelle, New York / New Jersey

You were wonderfully sensitive to the dynamics of our group and to the energies of each individual.

Connie C., Baltimore, MD

Oh my, you helped my son so much. Since talking with you he's been so much lighter, positive and looking forward to things. No longer moody and depressed. I asked what he talked with you about and of course he wouldn’t say, but he did say you helped him to see the bigger picture. Whatever you did, I’m grateful! I feel like I have my happy boy back. He even asked me if he could talk to that “phone lady” again. Yes!

Ginny L., Seattle, Washington

I had lots of big decisions to make when my company was being restructured. Lots of people were advising me, and then a co-worker suggested I call Jacquelyne. She was clear, concise, and all I had to do was give her names! She described the personalities and the conflicts and everything exactly. Jacquelyne took the doubt out, and gave me the clarity I needed to get the job done and get my company back on track.

Jerry W., Independence, Missouri

Oh my, you were so accurate as you described my dog Timmy. You were so right on! He is the strangest dog we have ever had, more like a cat. My husband who doesn’t believe in animal communicators dropped his coffee cup when you said how Timmy might even like to have perches to climb up on so he could get up high. He had just said before our call with you that he was sure you would not “get” Timmy, but you did! I’m still laughing and we are both blown away!

Teresa & James H., Providence, RI

Jacque is an incredibly gifted intuitive who I frequently call for counsel. She is articulate in her language and guidance, and I find sessions with her to be both accurate and enlightening. I also attended the Refining Your Intuition workshop - and it was transformational. As an Animal Reiki Practioner, I already use my intution, but Jacque was able to teach me to send and receive more wholly and she introduced me to new techniques for receiving more accurate guidance while working with the animals. I am truly blessed to know Jacque and I’m looking forward to attending more workshops with her.

Karen R., Philadelphia, PA

Jacque has a frank, no nonsense manner of delivering information, with readings that are clear, correct, and to the point. I never cease to be surprised at the depth and breadth of the information she can provide. Time after time, her guidance has proven itself to be spiritually sound. She has given me peace of mind and excellent advice for years.

Colleen C., Glendora, California

Thank you for helping my mother pass. She had been so sick for so long, but so so afraid to go. After she spoke with you those two times and got to ask her many questions she was lighter - I could see it. She saw her sister just like you suspected she would and they made peace and she passed yesterday. Thanks for telling her she needed to do the paperwork. We got the sale of the house started just in time.

Nita F., Santa Rosa, CA

Jacquelyne is an extraordinarily talented intuitive reader whose accuracy is extremely high. She can tap into all of the nuances surrounding a question and give you a very clear and informative picture of a given situation. She is also an accomplished spiritual teacher who is able to readily pass her knowledge along to students. One of the things I most appreciate is her compassion for the animal kingdom and the reassuring and uplifting information she has given me about my living and deceased pets. I highly treasure my sessions with her.

Valerie M., Fruitland, Maryland

My wife had had a session, then my daughter, then my son's coach. I thought I was missing out so I called. I was surprised how quickly and accurately Jacque described me, how I was acting - and why... and she gave me suggestions that I would never have considered. It was weird. How could someone who has never met me know me? But she did. I felt understood, not judged. It was amazing!

Kevin W., McCammon, Idaho

Jacquelyne has the clearest, purest, and most centered connection with the angelic and spirit realms of anyone I know. I feel very fortunate that she has been part of my spiritual growth for the past ten years, bringing through the guidance, comfort, direction, and encouragement from my higher realms. She is also a wonderful teacher - I've attended several of her workshops, and I’ve always come away feeling more empowered and excited about my own ability to connect with divinity. I readily recommend Jacquelyne to anyone wanting to work individually or to host a group event.

Wendy H., Northfield, New Jersey

We had a conversation with you about four years ago, and you told us about our son Tyler, who was only three years old at the time. You described things you saw in him that we didn’t see - but what you described is 100% right on in what we see in him now. He was so quiet as a baby and seemed so shy, but now he is starting conversations with strangers and giving people advice! It can be a little embarrassing, but he is so often correct. I think we need another conversation with you.

Sylvie and Jonathan R., New Haven, CT

Marco the magnificent died last week. I had to write to tell you how grateful I am that we got to communicate through you before he went. He was only four years old and I kept fighting to keep him going but when you told me how he was trying to stay for me, it broke something for me. I thought he wanted me to fight for him. I didn’t understand that he was trying to fight for me, but he would leave his pain body if he knew I would be okay. It was hard to hear. I didn’t want him here for me, not well. When I was able, I told him like you said, that it was okay for him to go and I swear he looked at me, sighed and was gone just an hour later. I miss my buddy but it is good to know it is what he wanted. I can still feel him too, which is amazing!

Rick N., Bend, Oregon

Since you helped me to talk with my son after his fatal accident I feel I can let go of all the questions about how and why. You gave me insight and really lifted me out of that agonizing despair. Thank You.

Paige H., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

The information you gave me about my dog was so accurate! I know you don't consider yourself a medical intuitive, but events did unfold as you said. It was uncannily true. It was so very helpful to better understand what was going on emotionally and physically with my animals so I was better able to respond and care for them. Thank you.

Lynn T., Portland, OR

I'm a skeptic. I never thought I'd ever speak to anyone like Jacque. But a business partner that I respect recommended her. After saying no several times, I finally agreed. I thought it would be a lark, kind of amusing, something to needle my partner about later. I was surprised to hear myself firing questions at her and really enjoying myself. This is for real. Plus she was tough on me in a couple of areas I'd been ignoring, and she set me straight on my situation at work. It was very worthwhile! A good investment.

Mike G., Huntington Beach, CA

What a relief it was to talk with you! Your voice was soothing and your words were like medicine to my worried heart. Thank you for helping me to see the bigger picture and for giving me some hope. I was so caught up in the family drama, I was losing myself. Thanks for throwing me a rope!

Sandy L., Lincoln, Nebraska

I've always been independent and I rarely seek advice, certainly not from someone with no experience in my field. Jacquelyne had been mentioned to me by two different people several years ago. The third time I was traveling on business, far from home, and was complaining about an employee and a potentially tricky legal situation. This guy I just met said that he had talked to this woman and that she had been helpful. I rolled my eyes when he said she was an intuitive. But he looked up her name and number - and it was Jacquelyne. I couldn’t believe it! So I called, and it was clear that if I’d called three years earlier, I could have avoided the legal issue altogether. I don't understand this, but it works anyway. Now I'm the one saying, “Give Jacquelyne a call."

Ryan W., Palm Desert, CA

I loved the five steps. It made it easy and clear to make contact.

Sylvia M., St. Martin, Germany

Jacque helped me so many times and on many levels.
She helped me when my first dog was old and ready to die. She helped me connect with her and understand what was going on. I was holding onto her (my Maltese) and I was not letting her die. Jacque helped me say goodbye and let her go to the other world in peace.
She helped me when my father was dying of lungs cancer. She connected with him many times. He was in France, I was in New York and when you are far, the process is even harder.
She helped my mother after my father passed away to connect with him. Everything she said was so true. 6 years that he had passed away and the things she said are still true or becoming true.
Jacque is an amazing communicator with the other world.

Isabelle, New York / New Jersey

Thank you for the clear guidance and loving support you give me year after year. You have seen me through both of my parents’ deaths, and both of my dear cats, and now my husband. You are so direct and right on. I listen to the cds again and again and continue to feel the encouragement and upliftment.

Mary B., Orlando, Florida

You provided maps for me - very practical. I’m enthusiastic and impressed by the fact that I get so much information from these loving entities around me, much more than I guessed.

Krista M., Oosterend, the Netherlands

I have been an intuitive reader myself for fifteen years and I get good information for other people - but admittedly I was too close to this issue to see it clearly myself. So glad my friend recommended you. She said you were a reader for readers. Right on!

Clare R., Vancouver, BC Canada

You just did a reading for a friend of mine, and I want to thank you. He is feeling much better since you spoke with his deceased wife. He told me things you said and we laughed. It was so like Peg to tell Bob to use the table cloth. Bob hadn't laughed in over a year.

Frank T., Springfield, MD

You brought so much healing and insight to my life in that one hour session. I will digest all of this and want to book another appointment soon! I have so much more to ask.

Jeannie Y., Indiana

The atmosphere for your workshop was so relaxed and safe and joyful. I really liked it.

Barbara K., Arnhem, the Netherlands

Communicating with my baby yorkie that passed away and communicating with our current Chorkie and finding out amazing things about our kids and our lives was so spot on it was almost scary it left it speechless and
It left us with more questions afterwards Jacqueline is amazing I will definitely be calling her again she has helped me and my husband emotionally and mentally and has helped us expand our knowledge on our decision making

Silvia T, Lacey,WA