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June 2017 Newsletter | Travel Time, Intuitive Tidbits, Animal Tales

  Travel Time
Come work with me in 2017!
Rare in-person workshops:
Self & Service
Sunday, August 20 
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
For those in the healing arts & anyone in service to others
Exercises and experiences to identify what is really yours to do

•  Fine tune your energy to reduce guilt and burnout
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Animal Communication
Already Full

Saturday, August 19 
Washougal, Washington

Intuition PlayShop  
Saturday October 7 
9:30 am to 5pm
If you want to awaken your intuition or feeling a bit rusty, come play with us!

A full day of exercises and experiences.
• Stimulate your right brain 
• Initiate your natural intuitive connection
• Receive coaching from me
Austin, Texas: (Exact Location TBA) $145 or only $125 with a $20 deposit by Sept 1st
At website:
By check: PO Box 1910 Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Making Contact
Sunday October 8
9:30 am to 5:30 pm

After 30 years this is still my most popular workshop!
• Experience working directly with your Spirit Guides & Angels
• Receive personal coaching from me
• Receive messages from your Spiritual Support Team

Austin, Texas: (Exact Location TBA)
$170 or only $150 with a $20
deposit by Sept 1st

At website:
By check: PO Box 1910 Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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  Animal Tales
Are They Okay?   Animals in the Afterlife
Often people ask me what happens after our animal companions leave the bodies we knew and loved. Where do they go? Are they all right?

As humans, especially in the western world, our earth experience teaches us about divisions and duality. These constructs are so pervasive that we rarely even notice or question them. We automatically think in terms of life and death, here and there. Given this, it’s no wonder that we have difficulty understanding how someone or something continues when it is no longer visible to our eye and can’t be touched by our hand.

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Many of us are confounded by the disappearing act when someone goes “behind the curtain.” Where did they go? What happens? Whether it’s the “rainbow bridge” we so often hear of, or some other reference to the passage between the worlds, it can seem as though someone has vanished and ceased to exist when they die.

But just as in The Wizard of Oz, you only need to pull back the curtain. There is a thin veil separating the densely physical earth world and the lighter, more ethereal yet very real world of the soul where the spiritual nature of our beloveds remains alive and well. When our loved one passes beyond this physical world, whether they be animal or human, the soul that animated the body you knew continues to exist. What’s more, our beloveds continue to remain connected to us by love. It’s an energetic connection, an opportunity that continues and remains.

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The life of the soul continues, not the suffering.


   Intuitive Tidbits
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This week I’ve done readings with 13 dogs, 7 cats and 3 horses and a bird. So this newsletter is animals and I thought I’d share a few basic Animal Communication tidbits with you. First off, it’s important to understand that animals and humans communicate differently. Humans use a lot of words. Animals are certainly vocal, and they use lots of body language (ears, tails, mouths and posture) – but we don’t share a common language set with them. So, when animals communicate intuitively with people they do so primarily by using pictures and feelings. When you ask how they feel or what they like, they’re likely to respond with a body sensation, a picture, or perhaps a scent or taste – so you have to tune in to subtle inputs in all your senses. That’s because they will send you body sensations instead of words. If you are expecting only thoughts and words you will miss it.

Again animals express their feelings physically – they’re more sensual and sensory based than we are. They’re also very instinctual by nature. They’re more at one with the physical world than we are. (They don’t spend hours a day in their heads analyzing everything.) They’re more in the moment. They’re feeling beings certainly capable of humor, worry, grief, fear and guilt – but they’re not highly emotional the way many people tend to be.

Sometimes we might hear an animal “talk” to us in our own language, but they’re not actually speaking our native tongue. Somewhere in our brains we are converting their feelings and pictures into words like voice to text conversion software. So if you think you hear Fido say “Yes, that’s the spot!” you know the communication conversion system in your brain is working.

Begin with obvious external observations, then move inward. What’s the first thing you see or hear? Name it. What else are you aware of? Next pay attention to your physical body. Do you smell or taste anything? Feel anything? Name it. What’s entering your mind? Name it, and continue on. Maybe you can you sense gender, age, or recent activities. Notice any inputs, name them, then keep going. Get playful. Play with your intuition! That will help jump start your true intuitive receptivity.

One final thought… Sometimes when we communicate with animals, they offer no outward indication that any connection is happening. They may appear completely distracted and unaware of you – but communication can still be taking place. You just have to go with your gut and trust your impressions.

  Hearing versus Understanding
Sometimes we hear what others are saying – but we don’t really understand. That’s certainly the case between people, and it can also be the case when we’re listening to our critters.

Here’s an example from my own household. (Yes, even a full-time professional intuitive gets to keep on learning!)

I am primarily clairaudient, meaning I directly hear animal and spirit communication in words. For years I’ve heard my dogs talk to me, in much the same way I hear clients on the phone – it’s just a lot fewer words. I usually get the essence of the communication by combining the words I hear with the feelings I get in my body.

My dogs love warm clothes just out of the dryer. They jump on them instantly, and they know where those hot towels and warm piles of pajamas come from. I had been hearing my dog Andy calling for “thumper” for nearly a year. Initially I thought he wanted his toy that makes a thumping noise when he rolls it about. But I’d offer it to him and it was clear that was not what he wanted.

Then one day I turned off the dryer before it was done with the cycle, and I noticed the sound as the dryer wound down. Then I pulled the hot clothes out and dumped them on the sofa. Andy pounced on the warm pile immediately and said loud and clear, “thumper!” Suddenly I understood what he meant – and it seemed so obvious! Perhaps if I washed sneakers now and then I could have gotten it sooner, or had I taken the time to tune in to my body like I normally do to put the word and feels together…

Thumper: the sound the dryer makes.. and the yummy warm clothes pile that result. Ha!

The aurora image in this month’s newsletter header was taken by Sabrina Mugnos on January 31, 2017 @ Menesjarvi, Inari, Finland. For more aurora images, see the Realtime Aurora Gallery hosted by

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