Power Up

This is a good exercise for anyone who is energetically sensitive – and particularly so for those who carry high degrees of physical sensitivity. Some common indicators of physical sensitivity: if you tend to feel overwhelmed in your body when you enter large stores or crowds of people.

In this exercise I am asking you to go to a physical place that would normally be “too much.” It could be a big-box store such as Costco or Wal-Mart, or perhaps a shopping mall. Or it could be anyplace that feels energetically congested – a crowded coffee shop, a gathering where people are mingling, or perhaps an antique show or flea market. I want you to put yourself in a situation that would normally be triggering.

You are going to practice consciously stepping past your comfort zone. You will be going into a field of collective energy and walking consciously, rather than having all that energy go into you unconsciously or with ill-effect.

Please note – your location or situation needs to be out in the world. (You cannot do this exercise from the comfort of your home.) The idea here is to increase your ability to power up and be physically present in the outer world.

Go to the place you have chosen. This exercise is one you will do in Wal-Mart, or in the shopping mall, or in the antique store. You can do this while sitting, standing or walking around. Do what works for you.

First, focus your mind and intention on being clear, grounded and centered. Feel your feet touching the ground and take a few cleansing breaths. Exhale fully. Occupy your body and breathe deeply until you feel calm and present. When you feel clear and centered you are ready to begin.

I am asking you hold your center without shielding or shutting anything out. Start by expanding your energy field. Make it four or five times larger than it normally is. Set your intention and focus your will. Call in your own potency and power, and claim your ability to be full-on present. You want to be strong and solid within your physical bodies (dense and subtle, both). Use your will to occupy your own body and take up the space in you and all around you. Give yourself plenty of room.

If you feel challenged, think of a person you admire for their courage and steadfastness. Think of a person who embodies their ability to stand their ground and remain calm and cool under pressure. Role models are very useful.

Now anchor yourself energetically in something you know is solid and eternal. What Truth do you hold to be certain? What value or feeling do you hold that is absolute? You could anchor yourself with a teaching or a teacher. Find something you can grab hold of in a storm. (I do not recommend that you ground yourself into Mother Earth. She is in constant motion and transition – and that is not a good place to set a firm anchor.)

Hold the idea of a rod of strength starting in your solar plexus (just above your belly button) and run it down to whatever you chose as your anchor. You want to place your anchor below your feet. Bring yourself into strong connection and alignment with your anchor. Plant your feet, occupy your belly, and breathe deeply. Hold yourself here in this place of being centered and anchored amidst an energetic storm.

If you feel a need, use your intention and imagination to place a filter all around you and underneath you. Program it to bring in any and all information that serves your health, wealth and happiness, and direct it to filter everything else out. Filtering is a great tool – it allows you to function without needing to shut down, shield, or shrink.

This is important: do not put your attention directly on any one person. You can glance about, but do not land on anyone. Doing so exposes you to their baggage. Those with physical sensitivity cannot afford to idly or absent-mindedly drift into someone else’s energy field and collecting some of their energy.

You may notice that you have a natural curiosity that draws you into others. It is important that you remain conscious and hold boundaries. You do want to be aware of your environment and surroundings, but you do not want your curiosity to put you into other people’s fears, needs, or dramas. That is the stuff that would distract you at best, or even worse cause you to accumulate more energetic debris.

You want to avoid unconsciously slipping into that which is not yours, or is not in your best interest. Odds are great that you already know what that feels like.

Try using your energetic field to gather information, rather than just your eyes and ears. What can you sense without looking or listening?

Remain in this place or situation for as long as you can, maybe twenty minutes or so. Then leave.

Once you are back in your own space, scan yourself. Take an inventory. What did you notice? What did you learn? Did you pick up any energetic debris that you need to slough off?

I suggest you practice this powering up frequently. I’d like for you to practice often enough that you are able to willfully make yourself big, bold and strong in any situation.

Powering up is a lot better than shrinking or hermitting yourself away. With regular practice it will become a natural and easy response.

Try it in different situations. Put yourself into Power Up mode whenever you get triggered and feel yourself moving into some form of reaction. Remember, the common stress responses for sensitives – Collapse, Duck and Cover, Break, Harden, Bolt. (For more info, consider taking the Energetic Sensitivity class.)


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