Intuitive Readings

I receive information through direct thought impression, voice transmissions, pictures, and empathic resonance – both physical and emotional.

Intuitive readings are usually conducted by telephone or Skype. If you like, the first intuitive reading will introduce you to your spirit guides and teach you how to consciously connect with them. There is plenty of time for your questions, be they cosmic or mundane. Clients report that the information they receive gives them the clarity and confidence to make decisions and move forward.

These dialogues can be an ongoing process of discovery. Often clients call me several times a year to address questions or issues as they arise over time. All intuitive readings are recorded on CD or MP3 (whichever you prefer) and mailed to you.

“When I work with clients in intuitive reading we are often looking at the relationship between the soul and personality. Frequently, the focus is on soul patterns and core issues. We may also look at causes and potential outcomes – I can track the origins of a condition or situation and follow the trail forward to its likely expression or conclusion.

People frequently ask about relationships, past and present, as well as spiritual development and relevant past life material. Quite often we look into career and business decisions, conflicts (inner and outer), and all sorts of life transition issues – birth, illness, death, and everything in between and beyond.

Ultimately, my purpose is to help my clients develop the ability to trust themselves and their own inner wisdom.”  – Jacquelyne Ellis

How To Get the Most Out of Your Session: This is some basic information that would be useful for you to review. Please take a moment to look it over before your intuitive reading. Thank you.

Schedule an intuitive reading: Use the online scheduler to book your appointment.

Private Session Payment: If you choose, you can pay for your intuitive reading online.  Intuitive readingrates are also listed here.

Gift certificates: Yes, they are available. They make a personal and treasured gift.

“Wow! If you want the ride of your life, call Jacque. But be prepared – the truth comes through. I’ve been on this spiritual path since 1985 and I had never encountered someone who can access the spirit worlds as she can.

I heard and read a lot about guides and angels, but I never dreamed I would have a personal relationship with them. But it happened after just a couple sessions, and my life has not been the same since. Many questions I had that weren’t answered in all the spiritual books I read are answered now.

There is not a personal problem I’ve had (and I’ve had plenty) that a clear solution didn’t come through Jacque. I highly recommend her.” – Joe Seranz (Ashland, OR)