Discerning Spirit Guide Contact

There are some general guidelines that can assist you in discerning the kind of spirit guides you are contacting and the relationships you are developing with them.

Spirit guides are as varied as we are. They come from a seemingly infinite number of places and times:

1. Those who have incarnated onto Earth and lived at least one life as an Earth human. This could include the assistance of a departed loved one, however deceased loved ones usually only come to you intermittent or in a time of crisis, whereas your guides are with you 24/7.

2. Those who are not from Earth but from another dimension such as Seth, Orin & DaBen, Lazaris, The Hathors.

3. Evolved Masters or spiritual teachers, such as: Buddah, Jesus, Babaji, Mother Mary, Mohammad, Yogananda, Robbia the Sufi Saint, Anadna Moi Ma, Ma Ammachi (Amagi), Abraham, Djwhal Khul, etc.

4. Angels and Archangels, including Guardian Angels.

5. Extraterrestrial beings from our galaxy and other galaxies, such as: Bashar, Sasha, the Pleiadians, the Acturians.

The goals and purposes of your guides may be similar to yours, or they may be with you because you share a harmonious resonance with one another. Or one might owe you a debt and want to repay you. Or, being part of the same Soul Group, you all might be participating in a mission together.

Please keep in mind that it is possible for guides to be at different stages in their own evolution. For this reason, it is important for you to be discriminating about what kind of guide you connect with. Your guide must be sufficiently skilled, able, and committed to assisting you in your walk.

A personal guide, meaning one who works only with you and no one else, provides information which is specific for day to day life. Typically, these are beings who have been in human embodiment before. They usually come to you because they have been in relationship with you before. They may have a vested interest in you or your path.  They can be accurate in matters of relationships, health, diet, finances, work, etc. This is in part because they have been human before, they know what it is like. It is this close intimacy with humanity which makes our personal spirit guides so helpful. Usually they do not specialize in deep philosophical or spiritual matters, and will tell you so if asked. A personal guide of this sort is an individual with their own evolutionary path. They may, at they end of your journey in this body, leave you and go on to work with someone else – or do something entirely different. Their own path may bring them back to incarnate on Earth again, or they may continue on guiding you after this life somewhere other than Earth. Occasionally a personal guide may be temporary, only with you to assist in helping you get through a specific test or trial, and then they move on afterward. Many personal guides will come in at a specific time and remain with you for life as a constant companion.

Masters and Adept spirit guides are characterized by giving information which is uplifting, accurate, and frequently surprising. Their viewpoints are from Soul planes and may contain cosmic implications. They leave you with a feeling of peace, well-being and strength. They may chastise, but always lovingly. They know you intimately. They may be what we call Ascended Masters or may be involved with certain spiritual paths. They usually take on appearances which align with their roles. These beings have a deep understanding of humanity and always respond with compassion.

Angels are also available as spirit guides. Bearers of pure Grace and Light, they come to us with unconditional love. Angels do not have personal identity like we do.  They can bring us gifts such as healing, protection, hope and mercy. Many people have reported experiencing being healed, taught, rescued or inspired by angels. It is often thought that what we call Guardian Angels or personal angels are the thought forms of the Archangels.

Angels have not walked the Earth as human beings, and are not on a karmic or evolutionary path. They do not have free will as humans do. They are in complete surrender to God and God’s Will. They bear patience and love with tremendous power and gentleness.

There are guiding beings who follow a non-human evolution. Some of these would include planetary archetypes like goddesses or warriors, and nature spirits like little people, leprechauns, and fairies.  We also would include dolphins, animal totems, and certain extraterrestrials. As with the other guides,  our relationships with them result in mutual expansion and growth. Their information is intellectually challenging since their reality is different from ours. Satisfactory relationships with them requires of us non-linear thinking.

Sometimes our spirit guides are aspects of Higher Self. My primary guide AhhRa is like that. An aspect of one’s Self means that this is NOT a separate individual, but a part of you. Your guides typically are separate, with their own path and evolutionary journey. This kind of guide does not exist except with you and through you. Their path is yours.  You could think of it as what you will be when you grow up, when you reach the full expression of your individual potential. AhhRa guides me all day, but it is like an inner wisdom. I know she is a part of me, the me that is always centered, capable, in truth and unity, moment by moment. Ultimately, this Self and your personal relationship with God will replace your personal guides.

Our spirit guides must learn how to work the interface of the physical and non-physical realms in order to serve us. They have various ways of communicating. Some use pictures, ideas, gestures or energy instead of words. They must adjust their perceptual processes to accommodate our concepts and understanding. Spirit guides possess varying levels of proficiency at doing this.

Angels and spirit guides are not on our linear time. They do not use clocks or calendars in their realm where all is more or less simultaneous.

Just like us, guides gain skill and understanding with experience. In light of this, it is easy to understand that developing and maintaining a dynamic, conscious relationship with our spiritual support team requires that we exercise practice, patience and trust.

Animal Companions come to us as guides and teachers. This could be an animal that you live with and have in your heart intimately, or an animal with whom you experienced a deep, momentary exchange. Just like humans, some animals are more multifaceted or more expansive than others. Every now and then, an animal will come in to your life as a profound teacher of truth. Some times a Master will temporarily “enter” an animal living with a person that needs to be touched, or opened in a way that would not be possible with another human. There is a purity and perfect innocence in the animal heart. Animals live in the now, most of them fully and passionately. They are in  constant alignment with Source, aware of their connection. No wonder many of us drop our defenses, daring to love and be loved without hesitation or reservation, to be nakedly ourselves before this form of the Divine.

Contact with an astral plane being may be characterized by receiving information which is lacking in depth, or without compassion. It might make you feel that energy is being sucked away or leaving you feeling fearful or unsafe. Their information may tend to cause divisions instead of unity. Receiving from astral beings is characterized by triggering your fears, insecurities, doubts or sense of alienation—or it could go the other way and trigger ego projections, if they take you to distorted feelings of being powerful and oh so spiritual or evolved.

For some, information about the astral plane creates apprehension about even opening up. Please know that opening up does not put you in jeopardy. Energetic clarity, clear intention, and personal healing are the keys to attracting highly evolved spirit guides and angels.


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