Support Team

The Sacred Dialogues Support Team includes:

  • Aron – Jacque’s beloved husband, creative partner, and now he is also handling all things administrative – including scheduling appointments, mailing out session CDs, supporting online classes, and helping with all sorts of miscellaneous tasks. Thank you, Aron! (Plus, he is also a highly skilled hypnotherapist and a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist with a Mobile Hearing Care business serving the Idaho Panhandle.)
  • Chuck – is family, and he is also the website manager and project leader – which means he handles all things technical and systems related, including the database, group emails, and troubleshooting computer problems. He keeps us on track. Thank you, Chuck!
  • Lisa – Jacque’s long-time editor and friend. She also helps with the website, and often plays with Jacque on new product development. (You can find her at Thank you, Lisa!

Please note, our dear friend Sora (who was Jacque’s assistant for years) has moved to Colorado and is pouring her considerable talents into enriching her new community. We remain in touch and wish her all the best!