I lead small groups in one-day and weekend workshops. Develop awareness of your own innate skills and abilities. Learn to make and hold your own direct connection with Spirit and exercise discernment in the subtle realms. All of my workshops engage active, experiential learning. Special care is taken to create a safe and supportive environment. Walk away with skills and practices that will help you keep your channels open and active, so you can more readily experience your own intuitive awareness and the spiritual support that is available to you at all times.

Classes are offered throughout the US as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop in your area, or if you have a suggestion as to where you would like to see a workshop offered, please let us know.

Animal Communication Basics: Strengthening the Bond with Your Animal Companions

  • Learn How To Enhance Your Mental and Emotional Connections with Animals
  • Practice Sending, Receiving and Interpreting Information
  • Gain Practical Experience with Expert Guidance and Support

This introductory workshop is designed to strengthen and expand your intuitive connections with animals – be they your own animal companions or animals you work with or care for.

This one-day class will help you connect and communicate with the domesticated animals you live with or are around. It provides you with the tools and understanding you’ll need to open the dialogue and deepen your communion with your animal friends. We will even practice scanning for health issues and explore problem solving.

Please Note: If you would like to attend this workshop and have not had any prior intuitive training, please contact Jacquelyne as there may be some additional preparation that would be valuable for you. Seating is limited; early registration is recommended.

Making Contact

  • Experience working directly with your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Initiate or deepen a lifelong relationship with them
  • Develop confidence and competence in your ability to connect
  • Distinguish between true & false guidance

This class is suitable for the beginner as well as those who already have some conscious relationship with their guides or angels. It includes lots of individual coaching plus a workbook full of useful information and exercises. This is active, fun, engaged learning… a rare opportunity, one you won’t want to miss!